Terms of Sale & Guarantee

All prices on this site are in Canadian dollars (C$). United States and international customers who would prefer to shop in US$ should use our US$ site https://www.discountstampshop.com. Exactly the same inventory, just priced in US$ with US$ payment options.

Bargain Bin
Stamps in the "Bargain Bin" section of this site are typically priced from 50¢ up, and are all at huge discounts to catalogue prices. We regularly reduce prices even further on stamps that have been in stock for a while.

"The Stamp Box" (Premium Stamps)
Our "Stamp Box" inventory holds premium stamps, typically priced from $2.00 up, also at large discounts to catalogue value. We don't believe in holding on to stamps for a long time, so we periodically place older items on the "Discount List", where they drop further in price until they find a new home. See the "discounted stamps" discount option in the search box.

Catalogue Values
Catalogue values shown are for informational purposes only. Values are usually from the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalague™, unless it is a specialized item. Catalogue values may be several years out of date, depending upon when the item was last catalogued. Catalogue values may be for conditions that the condition of the particular item does not match. The catalogue value may, or may not, be representative of the actual market value of an item. It is the buyer's responsibility to determine that the purchase price is satisfactory for their own purposes.

Minimum Order
The minimum order from this site is $10.00 plus postage. (see below). We hope you will appreciate that this is a high volume, labor intensive effort. If you can't find enough for yourself, buy a few for your friends or youngsters! Unfortunately, due to the high cost of handling small orders, we cannot accept orders under $10, even if the order is being added to a previous order. Your order may include items from both the Stamp Box inventory and the Bargain Bin.

We accept orders placed through our shopping cart only. Due to the high incidence of errors when customers transcribe stock numbers, we do not accept orders placed by email or by mail. If there is a reason you can not use the shopping cart, please let us know - maybe we can fix your problem.

We do not ship everywhere!
Sorry, but we do not accept orders from all countries of the world. This policy is the result of years of experience shipping all over the world, and knowing where we have consistent problems with delivery.

We do not accept orders from the following countries.

  • All of Africa (including Egypt) except South Africa
  • Russia and most former Soviet Republics (Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine are ok)
  • Mexico and all of Central and South America, Cuba, Haiti , Dominican Republic,
  • India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal
  • Bulgaria, Albania, Moldova,
  • PR China, Cambodia, Myanmar,
  • Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen,

Postage Charges
All orders are carefully packed - protected with plastic sleeves and envelope stiffeners.

To USA and Canada

Order value Postage charge
under $75.00 $3.00
$75.00 and over Free

To all other Countries

Order value Postage charge
under $75.00 $6.00
$75.00 and over Free

Registration and Insurance
All our shipments are covered by our own philatelic insurance policy. We will pay for tracked or registered mail service (at our discretion) for larger orders. (Usually over $300). If you require tracking for safety, please add $10 for Canadian addresses, $19.00 for international addresses, to the postage charges for orders less than $300.

Combining Multiple Orders from the website
Your selections from both inventories on this site will automatically be combined by our Shopping Cart. You may go back and forth between the two inventories as much as you like. Your shopping cart will automatically combine any purchases from the two different inventories. (Bargain Bin and "Stamp Box")

We know there is a lot to look through at one sitting, particularly when we add new stamps! You may place multiple orders and have them all combined with one shipping charge as long as the orders are placed within a a reasonable period of time. We will manually adjust postage charges, or refund any overpayment.

Discountstampshop.ca (our Canadian $ site) and DiscountStampShop.com (US$) are two different sites! They share the same inventory, but the shopping carts are different. If you place something in a shopping cart on one site, it will not be available to you on the other site. Please stick to one site or the other. If you accidentally place items in a shopping cart on the wrong site, delete them from your cart and they will be available to be selected again on the other site.

Orders will be shipped promptly upon receipt of payment.

Canadian buyers in "HST provinces" are subject to HST at the rate applicable to their province: (ON 13%, PE, NS, NL, NB: 15%). All others provinces, 5% GST.

Many forms of payment are available, including credit cards (through the Paypal gateway -- Paypal account not required). Please see our "Payments Page" for more details. Cash payments may be sent in Euros, Pounds Sterling, US dollars or Canadian dollars only.

We reserve the right to return items to stock without notice if payments are not received in a timely manner (one week from the order date for PayPal and other online methods, three weeks for mailed payments).

Additional information about Stamps
Please do not ask us for additional information about inexpensive stamps listed on the Bargain Bin portion of this site. Labor costs do not allow us to offer closeups, scans of the back or anything else. If the stamp is over $20 net, ok, we'll make an exception, but please limit your requests to absolutely necessary information, and not just a request to confirm what is already shown. We will be glad to address any questions you have about stamps in the "Stamp Box" portion of the site.

Condition & Guarantee
Bargain Bin Items
Condition is as you see it in the scan. We do not list stamps that have invisible faults unless that information is written on the display card. If you are ever unhappy with a purchase, let us know. In the case of inexpensive stamps, we would prefer to make an adjustment rather than processing a return, which is a waste of everybody's time and postage! However, in any case, your satisfaction is guaranteed on all purchases.

"Stamp Box" Items
Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If you are not happy with a stamp for any reason, we will cheerfully refund your money - no questions asked. (We are confident in our stock and are happy to make this guarantee, but please do not use this as an approval service and order more stamps than you intend to buy - it costs us time and effort to restock.)